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Careful planning and a professional and methodical approach are essential when implementing all aspects of an office move, expansion or remodel.

Every project is distinctive, with specific needs and requirements. Our objective is to accomplish each assignment we undertake with speed, efficiency, care and with minimum disruption.


Let us make your project a stress-free occurrence by managing the following details for you:

  • Space Plan: Once the initial Space Plan has been finalized, collect bids for any construction of improvements.
  • Phone / Data: Review current phone/data/cable locations with each Department Manager to verify they are adequate for their needs. Once phone and data requirements are identified for the new space, collect vendor proposals for installation.
  • Design: If desired, work with an Interior Designer to develop a cohesive color scheme and style.
  • Signage: Identify any additional signage needs, determine specifications and collect proposals for their creation and installation.
  • Conference Room: Determine audio visual options and requirements, and collect proposals accordingly.
  • Furniture & Equipment: Identify furniture and equipment needs, collect proposals from vendors and determine lead time for timely delivery and installation.
  • Movers: Identify any building-specific requirements for the final move and collect proposals to relocate departments into the new space.

Once contracts have been awarded, we will continue to monitor progress and provide weekly updates to ensure timely installation and a seamless transition.

Our ability to expect the unexpected enables us to prevent problems from arising from the start.

How We Can Help

In today’s economic climate, companies have been forced to do “more with less”. Hiring We Plan It will give you the expertise you need without adding additional staff, as well as the comfort of knowing that all of the details of your project will be handled efficiently.

Office Relocations

Working closely with your Management Team, we identify all decisions that need to be made to ensure your project gets completed within established timelines and you are up and running quickly after your move.

Office Expansions

Office expansions often affect each department within an organization in some way. Let us draw on our experience in this type of environment to make this transition happen with the least amount of disruption to your business.

Office Remodels

Remodels can be extremely disruptive. Let us make sure the effect is confined to the minimum amount of time possible. Careful planning and organization is critical – we have the experience to help you with this.

Planning should begin at least six months prior to the move.

This early organization and preparation makes a big difference when it comes to crunch time.
By hiring We Plan It, you and your staff can focus on running your business, while we manage all the details of your move.